Meet Our Team

Dr. Markos Zemede


Dr. Markos Zemede is the Founder and President of HORN of Africa Evangelical Mission.

Mussie Tsegaye


Mussie Tsegaye serves as Diaspora Mission Director of Horn of Africa Evangelical Mission.

Pr. Endalkachew Tefera

Education & Training

Pastor Endalkachew serves as Leading Pastor at Ethiopian Fellowship Church in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Pr. Mekashaw Shemelash

Member & Enforcer

Pastor Mekashaw is serving as senior pastor of Addis Lidet International Church Silver Spring MD.

Pr. Henock Tsegaye

Member & Enforcer

Pastor Henock is serving as senior Pastor of Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church Kansas.

Pr. Endashaw Kelkele

Member & Enforcer

Pastor Endashaw have been serving as senior pastor of Ethiopian Evangelical Church of Denver since the early 1990's.

Dr. Bekele Shanko

Member & Advisor

Bekele Shanko serves as cru vice President, responsible for global church movements. He is a co- founder and president of GACX. He had also served as the Great commission national director in Ethiopia, regional director for Southern and Eastern Africa.